Welcome to the Independent Business Owners’ Forum

An Independent Forum Dedicated to Entrepreneurship and Business Development – Because the Best Entrepreneurs Are No Long Job Searching – They’re making money online.

Some of the things we welcome discussion about are:

– How to make money online forum (what are some of the best ways to make money online you’ve found?)

– Effective marketing techniques for small business owners

– Entrepreneurship Grants

– Jobs that entrepreneurs may fit into (although they usually won’t!)

– Top SEO Tips for Small business owners

– Information regarding “What is search engine optimization?”

–  How to encourage business owners to take risks and handle what they do best, while letting industry experts handle the rest.


We love Entrepreneurs, and Think that The Small Business Owner is a Risk Taker that Should be Rewarded.

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Because we are so set on the success of the person trying to make their way in the business world without going to traditional 401k and 20yrs to retirement route, we want to provide you with business development information that will help you define your goals, define entrepreneurship in your own mind, and help you make entrepreneur jobs for other people.  Soon you will be making money online, or in your brick and mortar business, by simply applying the techniques, suggestions, and hard and fast rules for what makes a successful business venture.




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