Create Great Advertisements That Work – The Professional Way

Advertising Creation Classroom for Your Business!

(don’t worry about grades…think about profits)

How do professional advertising agencies create ads?

We start with the “Big Idea”.  The Big Idea is not just a selling point in your advertising, it’s the Biggest Point There Is

If you do not have a great Big Idea, you will most likely not have a great advertisement that works to sell your product.  When brainstorming your Big Idea, remember that you are to be focusing on your target market that you found out about in the last lesson. Click Here if You Have Yet To Read Marketing Key II.

The Big Idea needs to relate to them in an emotional way and speak to their specific needs and interests.

Step 1: Physically Write Down the Big Idea Behind your Advertisement, Then Answer the Following Questions:

Is it distinctive, relevant, unifying, memorable, sales driven?

Does it focus on your target market?

Does it connect mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually?

Step 2: Create Your Graphics and Artwork and Answer the Following Questions:

Do they support the Big Idea?

Do the make a bold statement and connect with the senses?

Step 3: Create Your Headline and Answer:

Does it also support your Big Idea?

Does it arouse curiosity?

Does it connect emotionally?


Step 4: Slogan

Does it communicate your Big Idea?

Is it funny, catchy, or memorable?

Step 5: Body

Is it simple, to the point, and fun to read?

Here’s a great example of an advertisement that exhibits the Big Idea in a way that connects mentally, emotionally, and makes a big visual impression:

big idea


Remember, your ad does not have to contain all of the possible elements of an ad, but it should clearly state your message, accomplish your purpose, and communicate your Big Idea.



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