SEO Case Study

IBO forums is excited to present a real life ongoing SEO case study that presents real data, from real search engine optimization techniques used today, in 2015.

Here are the specs on the case.  Each bullet represents an important part of what’s important to an SEO selling his services.  If you don’t know why one of these is important, submit a comment:

– A general contractor in a medium sized market.

– Wanting to rank for the keywords Kitchen Remodeling, and Bathroom remodeling.

– Majestic SEO trust flow and citation flow of 2/2 as of 9/14/2014  (really low)

– Various spammy backlinks but no really good links

– The profitability of sales on these two keywords are about 10,000 for a kitchen and 5,000 for a bathroom

Steps Taken:

9/10/2014 – Added the business address to the website to make it agree with the Google local listing

9/12/2014 – Added a backlink on to two of my PR blog (PBN) sites – both of the sites are PR 1 with modest domain authority.   Neither site has any relevance to contracting, but I placed the backlinks into  posts I created to be relevant.  The links were “kitchen remodeling in Erie” and “kitchen remodeling contractor”.   I am starting with kitchen remodeling backlinks (and varying how I write them) because it is more profitable, and because it is more competitive.  The link juice going to the main url will boost the bathroom keyword as well. Here is a screen shot of what we have seen develop over the last two weeks or so:

seo case study 2014

Update 4/6/2015  Seo On General Contractor Site

Here are the current ranking charts for the contractor, local keywords: kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling.

Kitchen Remodeling 16th in serps

kitchen remodeling seo april 2015

Bathroom remodeling 16th in serps

bathroom remodeling seo april 2015

Majestic Trust Flow Citation Flow improved from 2/2 to 11/12

So what did we do to get the large improvement in rankings?  Well let me start by saying that this customer is on the low end of price when it comes to SEO, so these results could realistically be obtained in about half of the time.  I tried a number of things over the past couple of months to see if there were methods to get some ranking other than the go-to of backlinks and on-page seo.  Here’s a couple things I tried:

– Expired tumblr blogs with high page authority and domain authority (I spent a lot of time and effort with these for no results)

– Social signals/ Facebook likes / Google Plus (no results)

– High PR backlinks on sites that had no relevance to the contractor’s industry (good results)

– High PR backlinks on sites that were relevant to contractor’s industry (equally good results)

Each jump in ranking you see on the chart is directly correlated with addition of a backlink.  The steeper climbs on the charts are correlated to exact anchor text like “kitchen remodeling contractor” and to the power of the backlink.


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