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So you’ve been searching for the best place to get tips for getting your site showing up in search engines like Google.

I’m glad you made it to  The forum piece of the puzzle is yet to come, but you can comment on any of the training you find on the site and you’ll find our feedback to be helpful and prompt.  The point is not to sell you a solution, but to get you the information you need to implement SEO on your own.  If you get to a place where you need to hire someone for SEO, go ahead and submit a comment and we would be glad to direct you to the best resource to fit your needs.  Without further ado, get started with:

The Ultimate Free SEO Training Guide Online

1. Getting your site setup with local SEO

2. Utilizing High Power Backlinks for Search Engine Optimization

3. How to buy high power aged or expired Godaddy domains to jumpstart your online cashflow

4. Setting up your hosting and eliminating footprints to your pr sites

Or other resources:

5. Check out our ongoing SEO Case Study involving a local contractor.  This is our test of what’s working and not working in the SEO world.  Some of the techniques involve PR backlinks, Social Signals and more.  Click Here