The Search Engine Battle Continues in 2015

I’ve recently been doing some reading in the forums like BHW and others about what SEOs are doing to adjust to Google’s algorithm changes.  What’s really changed? Buckle up…

Buckle up for 2015 SEO


Here’s what’s changed in SEO, I’ll give you a bullet point list to keep it simple:

– Nothing

– Nada

– Zip

Trust me, I’ve fallen prey to the trap of paralysis by analysis, and if you do enough reading and video watching about seo you will want to dump your clients and jump off a 10 story building.  I would propose to you that you take a deep breath and remember what we know about seo.

1. Do your keyword research, determine what will be a good keyword group to go after based on competition and profitability, and write your content around it.  Obviously you want to place your best keywords in headings and meta-descriptions, and then vary them throughout your content – not too much, not too little. If you don’t know what this means, ask a question in the comment box below.

2. The meat and potatoes of seo is backlinks.  Where do we get backlinks?  This hasn’t changed for several years, and it never will.  You need them from credible sources, or from sources that you create that look credible.  For more on sources that look credible which you create, read through the seo master training segment I wrote on here.  For more on the actually credible sources, read on below, I’ve recently been getting some amazing results from some fairly simple actions.

3. Social signals, video, schema tags, and all the other hype.   The schema tags will never have an enormous impact on your seo.  Can they help? Yes.  If you don’t use them will you die? No.  As for the rest of the list here, it’s common sense stuff.  Create hype about your business on social, video, and other avenues, and Google may or may not have a way of figuring it out and improving you rankings, but more likely what will happen is that you are spreading a lead net much wider by using different types of media, thereby increasing your website traffic and the number of people linking to your site.  I advocate that you do as much of this stuff as you have time for, but keep your focus on diverse links.


Now for your SEO 2015 tidbit of the day.

The general contractor I mentioned previously  in my case study (yes I need to update that study) jumped from 40 something in the serps, to 28 almost overnight due to one simple super easy thing.  I contacted one of the companies that he bought product from and asked them to add a link for him as one of their trusted contractors.   They had a industry authority site, and that one backlink caused this significant jump in his serps for multiple keywords.  My project for the coming months is to contact more of these suppliers and ask them to do the same.  He will be in the top ten before you know it.

If you want to get your clients some major ranking fast (not too fast because you get paid monthly), think about who their friends are in the industry.  Ask them to make a list of people they buy supplies from, ship to, work with, and start making phone calls.  Trust me, this sure beats building PR blog networks.   Of course there are always the cases where you are working with a new company or one that doesn’t have a lot of connections and the PR sites will be your only option.  If this is the case, read through my SEO Masters

If you want my help with implementing some of this, leave a comment below and I will get in touch.  Hope you enjoyed the read!

Nate W.  – The SEO Guy