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Coming soon is a case study on a local contractor we are currently performing SEO for testing a variety of methods including the PBN (private blog network), Social Signals, and a range of other factors.  Feel free to check out the somewhat organized on-page seo at drwheelerremodeling.com

Check out the chart for one of my new clients for erie commercial cleaning service

This was done with on-page changes only!  Clearly we need a few high pr ones to get it to the first page.

commercial cleaning seo

chart of seo for commercial cleaning service

Update Alert!

The keyword showing in the above chart is now up to number 5 in Google, first page results and it’s another happy client!  After the on-page changes were done, two additional backlinks were added.  One more needed for top three results.

commercial cleaning 5-11-2015

and submit in the comments what you would do for SEO.  We cant wait to share results!